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Create a stronger portfolio today, land more job opportunities tomorrow.

This online, audio, and video book will help you learn how to create a successful portfolio. You'll learn exactly what the people hiring you are looking for in your portfolio, how to improve it, and the actions you can take right now to land new job opportunities.


Hear from these professionals + more:

Dann Petty

Freelance Web Designer

Lyft's Design Team

Katie Dill, Audrey Liu, Jenny Arden

Lynn Fisher

Creative Developer

Clay Studios

UI/UX Design Studio

Basic Agency

Brand + Design Agency
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What you’ll learn in That Portfolio Book™

What one thing will every company ask to see before you even get that job interview? Your portfolio. That’s why it’s crucial to understand what makes a great portfolio. But how? How do you make your portfolio stand out in a sea of others? Why is the portfolio so important? How can a few tweaks to your portfolio help you land a job?

These are all important questions and I’ve traveled across the country (soon the world, with any luck!) compiling answers from top industry leaders. My name is Dann Petty, I’m a longtime freelance web designer working for companies like Google, Airbnb, National Geographic, and many others. This book combines my experience and the portfolio advice I’ve gotten from everyone from independent designers, developers, photographers and illustrators to a wide range of big and small agencies/studios. I even stopped by to chat at companies like Lyft and many others to come like Facebook and Netflix. I wanted to know exactly what they look for in a portfolio and why. Here are some of my friends that I’ve interviewed so far:

Katie Dill
VP of Design
Lyft – San Francisco, CA
Brand + Digital Design Agency
Audrey Liu
Director of Product Design
Lyft – San Francisco, CA
Lynn Fisher
CCO, Frontend Developer
&yet – Phoenix, AZ
Jenny Arden
Director of Design
Lyft – San Francisco, CA
Kristina Yamamoto
Freelance Photographer
San Diego, CA

This is just a glimpse. Many more interviews are to come and will continue to be added over time. One comment that has really stood out to me is what Jenny Arden, Director of Design at Lyft, had to say and it highlights why this book is so important to your career:

Jenny Arden
Director of Design at Lyft

Doesn’t that make a portfolio sound incredibly important? Well, it is! It all starts with understanding the three main parts that make up a portfolio: the story, plan, and the tool. Most of you might think a portfolio is simply a place to show off your work. You’re not wrong, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a story about who you are as an individual.

Whether you’re a designer, artist, photographer, or another creative professional—each of us brings our own unique perspective and individual voice to our work. And your voice helps shape your story; your interests, your passions, your skills, how you think, how you work with others, what you can do, and what you want to do. And because your story is a never-ending one that you’ll always be adding to and evolving over time, your portfolio also becomes a plan. It’s a plan about where you want to go next, the type of work you envision creating, and what you’re capable of in the future.

Clients/companies (two words that will be interchangeable throughout this book) are not only looking at your portfolio to see what you’ve done in the past, they’re coming to see what you’re capable of doing (for them) in the future—your plan.

Katie Dill
VP of Design at Lyft

If your goal is to get a job, there are a variety of things you can do to greatly increase those odds. That’s what this book is about—how to show off your work to get more of it or to land that dream job you’ve always wanted.

What’s included with your purchase

That Portfolio Book is much more than a book. It’s audio, it’s video, it’s packed with interviews and advice from leading professionals. Best of all, the book is alive! I will constantly be adding more content over time.

12+ Chapters of text, audio, and video—all online.

Some of us like to read, some of us like to listen to audio books, and some prefer to sit back and watch a video. Well, you can do it all with That Book. That Portfolio Book is intended to be both book and course combined. In That Portfolio Book, you’ll not only get commentary in the video (which may stray off script every now and then), but will also get exclusive interviews, and even instructional videos on how to think about and design your portfolio.

Here’s a sample clip from Chapter 2: The qualities of an effective portfolio:

Now let’s try just the audio version: (You can also try listening to this entire introduction by clicking the play button on the bar on top of the page.)

Chapter 2 / The qualities of an effective portfolio / Show some process
Example audio excerpt from Chapter 2 / The qualities of an effective portfolio / Show some process

Your own WordPress Portfolio theme. Just plug and play.

I’ve designed a portfolio theme and built it in WordPress specifically for showcasing your professional work. It features a project filter, full-screen background image, real-time weather data and local time, and even simple color controls to adjust the overall tone that you’re aiming for. The individual project pop-ups feature a full-size image gallery controlled 100% by the built-in WordPress gallery system, so there’s no learning curve to get started. It’s sweet. Honestly, once it’s ready, I’ll be using it for my own personal website.

You’ll gain access to the continually growing gallery of exclusive video interviews of industry leaders.

As I mentioned above, I’ve traveled across the country filming interviews with top industry leaders in an effort to capture every single relevant nugget of information that I know will help you get a job using your portfolio. New videos will be added frequently. My goal is to gather at least 25-50 stories.

Here’s another clip from Katie Dill, VP of Design at Lyft.

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The first version of the book will be released spring/summer 2020, but pre-order today and get your first look at the chapters as they become available before the book is even released. Also, by pre-ordering “The Complete Package” today, you’ll get a free first look at the premiere of “That Portfolio Documentary” (when it becomes available later this summer/fall) before it’s available to the public ($20 value).

Book Only
  • 12 Online Chapters
  • Both the Audio and Video versions
  • Access to exclusive, full video interviews with industry leaders
  • Ready to go portfolio template built with WordPress
  • Free Updates
  • Bonus: Exclusive first premier of “That Portfolio Documentary” (coming soon)
The Complete Package
  • 12 Online Chapters
  • Both the Audio and Video versions
  • Access to exclusive, full video interviews with industry leaders
  • Ready to go portfolio template built with WordPress
  • Free Updates
  • Bonus: Exclusive first premier of “That Portfolio Documentary” (coming soon)

Here’s the first teaser for “That Portfolio Documentary”:

Chapter 1:

Getting started with your portfolio

The qualities of an effective portfolio

Qualities of a great portfolio

Common misconceptions of portfolios: True or false?

The 4 sections of a portfolio

Finding your brand, domain, business name, and email address

How to choose the projects you put in your portfolio

The Connection Section

Portfolio problems and solutions

How to stand out, get noticed, and better your chances of landing that job

The Portfolio Social Network

Summary, tips and tricks